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Your Guide To UPVC Fascias & Soffits

upvc fascias and soffitsOur first ever blog post comes fromour very first client for the directory! Severnside Roofing & Building Specialists are a long established family run roofing company in Shrewsbury covering Telford & surrounding areas, the services Alex and his team offer a range of roofing services to homeowners and agents throughout the Midlands and whilst the replacement of UPVC fascias and soffits is one of the smaller jobs they carry out updating and replacing your fascias has many benefits, as outlined in the blog post from Alex below:


uPVC fascias benefits

Aside from keeping out birds and other types of vermin fascia boards act as a support to the bottom edge of your roof tiles and slates whilst also protecting the ends and concealing the ends of your roof rafter. Your fascias also act to prevent damage through weatherand are available in lots of different styles and colours, given that fascias are more visible than soffits the visual look of the fascias is an important thing to consider when replacing.

Older fascias are often made from wood which rots over time and results in the fascias not doing the job they are in place to do, on top of the lack of protection offered by old wooden fascias which have started to rot they also become a bit of an eyesore but rotten woodn timbers shouldnt be simply covered up with new UPVC fascias, simply covering the old boards does nothing more than mask the problem and in 9 of 10 instances leads to additional damage down the line, yes covering the old rotten boards is the cheaper option when compared with ripping them off before replacing but the rotting wood will continue to rot and deterioirate making the situation worse and more expensive down the line when you need to remove the new fascias just to get to the old ones.


The key benefits of uPVC fascias include:

  • almost completely maintenance free
  • Improves the appearance of your property
  • Durable – guaranteed to stand the test of time
  • Available in a range of colours and designs
  • Decorative fascia boards are also widely available

uPVC soffits benefits

Soffts keep the underneath of your roof rafters secure and dry, just like fascias, soffits are traditionally made out of wood and just like fascias, wood rots over time. Rotten soffits can lead to water penetration into the rafter ends which can lead to serious and costly damage to your roof, The industry leading soffit boards available –Eurocell’s ventilated uPVC soffit boards come with a multitude of benefits – but the best component is that they help to prevent the build up of moisture in your roof space which protects against rot in timber joints and eaves.


The main benefits of uPVC soffits are:

  • UPVC soffits come in a range of colours including realistic wood grain finishes
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Available in traditional plain or tongue and groove
  • Hard wearing and capable of withstanding most weather conditions
  • Guaranteed long life span