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The Cost of a New Resin Driveway

resin driveway costs explainedThere are a number of factors which determine the total cost for a new resin driveway installation, we have detailed these factors below so you ca get a better idea of how much you will be looking to pay for a new driveway surfaced with resin at your property.

The size of the area you would like to surface – A bit of an obvious one but the larger the driveway the more resin & aggregate you willl need, and the larger the area the longer the installation.

The type of driveway surface you have already – this plays an important role in the total cost of installing a resin driveway at your property. If your driveway is currently surfaced with concrete or tarmac you can quite literally lay the resin ontop of it after preperation of the existing surface resulting in a quick job, with no groundworks, no excavations & no aggregates needed for the foundation but if your driveway surface is for instance pebbles, grass or flags this would be a costlier option since the original ground would have to be removed to make way for a brand new base installation.

The type of aggregates you want to bind into the resin – Theres a plethora of colours and finishes when surfacing driveways with resin and as such theres a vast range of different gravel and pebble aggregates to mix with the bonded resin to create the desired finish. Aggregates vary in price so your choice of aggregate will effect the price of your new driveway.

Why Choose Resin For You New Driveway Installation?

As specialist installers of resin patios & driveways in Sheffield, Absolute Resin & Paving are asked this question rather often

Permeable surface

Resin driveways are fully permeable to air and water. This makes a resin driveway or patio ideal when laid over a permeable binder base coat system and creates a Sustainable Urban Drainage system [SUDs] meaning that your new driveway can be surfaced without the need for planning permission.

Smooth finish & Hardwearing

Resin driveways and resin patios provide homeowners with a smooth, lasting finish with no loose stones so is a great option for al and any applications including disabled access, pushchairs, children, bikes, skateboards etc.

Design choice & flexibility

The design options with a resin driveway or resin patio are endless, single or multiple colours can be used to create borders, curves, patterns or even numbers and shapes, you can create something truly unique when you opt for resin which simply isnt the case with other driveway surfacing materials.

Low maintenance

Resin driveways minimise puddles, ice and mould and weed growth.  A hose and a brush, or an at home jet wash when dirt and grime builds up over time and your resin driveway is as good as new!

You can find more information here about the benefits of resin driveways. And if your based in the Sheffield or South Yorkshire area please give us a call for a free quotation.