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Resin vs Tarmac Driveways

Are you considering upgrading your driveway? 2 of the most popular materials for driveway surfacing are tarmac and a relatively newcomer to the scene “resin” in our latest blog post we pit tarmac against resin to give our readers a little insight into these 2 multi purpose highly durable surfacing options for driveways in Cambridge and throughout the UK!

Tarmac is one of the most widely used materials out there and is used throughout the UK to surcase all kinds of locations, from roads and motorway to airports and remains a popular option for driveway re surfacing but although granted tarmac is highly durable in terms of a surfacing option, newer players to the market often offer more benefits and higher durability than this mainstay in the UK market.

resin vs tarmac head to headResin vs. Tarmac Driveways

Although tarmac remains possibly the perfect solution both in terms of cost and ease of installation for commercial surfaces such as motorways and airport runways, for residential driveway surfacing alternatives are often preferred primarily because homeowners investing in a new driveway arent only considering a new installation purely for practial reasons but also aesthetics so unless your favourite colour is black you’ll most likely be looking at other materials because tarmac simply can’t offer the same diversity of colour as materials such as resin, block paving and concrete, but when compared with the latter 2 alternatives a tarmac driveway will last longer and requires less maintenance.

resin optionsResin Offers A Multi-Purpose Solution To Homeowners

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom.

The issues with tarmac arent issues at all when you consider resin bound surfacing for your driveway. Resin is a truly multi purpose material available in a wide range of colours and designs and is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Had enough of flooding and pools of water on your driveway?

Resin is fully SUD’s compliant, water drains from a resin driveway effectively all year round, no matter how harsh the weather conditions.

Looking for a durable hard wearing surface which will stand the test of time?

Unlike other materials: blog paving, flagging, pattern imprinted concrete amongst others resin is a highly durable material and the hard-wearing nature of resin is due, in part to the fact that is it often laid directly on top of an existing concrete or tarmac surface, allowing it to enjoy the benefits of strength and durability whilst still looking great and likewise saving many a homeowner the expense of having to rip up their existing driveway before laying the new one!

In summary, whilst resin can be comparable to tarmac in some ways there’s a reason this relatively new material to the UK market is making so many waves, just like tarmac, resin is extremely low maintenance, highly durable and a very cost effective option for driveway and indeed patio surfacing, but unlike tarmac the design and colour choices are almost endless, you can really have some fun with the design!

Take a look at the video below which outlines the key benefits of resin surfacing: