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How Much Does an Electrical Rewire Cost

Our second blog post comes from our second client to the business directory which will be up and running soon, long established NICEIC electrical contractor in Stockport ( Manchester), IO Power who specialise in full and partial electrical rewires in domestic properties.

To begin with it is important you hire a qualified electrician to undertake an electrical inspection of the property and provide a full report and the current condition of the electrical installation.

In terms of the overall cost to fully rewire a property in Manchester there are many variables, the 2 key things to consider are the size of the property and the current condition of its wiring, if the wiring is in a bad state of repair and is particually old then much prep work will be needed in order to update the wiring in the property. Below you’ll find a guideline for the costs assictaed with different types and sizes of property.


Rewire Cost For a 2  bedroom terraced

For a typical 2 bedroom terraced property the average cost for a full rewire would come in at circa £2000, made up ofr around 4-9 days labour and materials, materials to complete the work would include

  • Updating the old wiring to also include a new consumer unit and electric metre
  • Updating the sockets, outlets and switches
  • Test and inspection of new circuits
  • Electrical installation certificate on completion

In addition to the above cost for the actual rewire you would need to budget for remedial repair works including plastering and redecoration, most electricians who offer rewires will be able to coordinate with decorators and plasterers on your behalf who will have plenty of experience remodeling homes during and after a rewire, or you can arrange your own contractors.

3-bedroom semi detached house

The average cost to rewire a 3 bedroom semi detached property is circa £3000,  although this can vary dpeending on whereabouts you live in the UK, in Bradford the average cost is around £3000. Again, in terms of what’s involved with the job everything listed above with the homeowner also needing to bidget for re plastering, decoration and any remodeling.

4-bedroom detached house

The bigger the property the longer it takes, and the more materials are required for the work. It takes between 12 and 15 days to complete a full electrical rewire on a 4 bedroom detached property  with the average price coming in at around £4,500, this would include up to 10 rooms and as with any rewire the replacement of all fixtures and fittings, consumer unit, electricity metre etc.