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Combi Boilers Explained

total guide on combi boiler installationsWhen a homeowner in the UK decides its time for a new boiler installation oftentimes the first thing which comes to mind is a combi. Combination boilers account for around 70% of the market when it comes to boiler purchases in the UK, but what exactly is a combi boiler and how do they work?

Combi boilers provide both heating and hot water directly from one boiler, which is where they got their name: ‘combination boiler’. When we speak about a combi boiler int he main were talking about Gas powered which means they run off natural gas. Electric & oil combi boilers do exist too but due to high fuel costs arent even nearly as popular.

The Main Attributes of a Combi Boiler

√ Compact Size making them ideal for citing in small spaces
√ No bulky hot water cylinder
√ On demand hot water
√ Only water you are using is heated
√ No storing of water
√ Radiators heated on demand
√ Very energy efficient with estimated  savings of around £340 per year
√ Significantly reduce heating bills compared with heat only boilers
√ Most popular boiler in the UK
√ Recommended by The Energy Savings Trust

Combi boiler prices, installation costs and extras

A quick Google search for something like “combi boiler prices” or combi boiler costs” has many homeowners thinking they can get a new , energy efficient combi boiler installed in their home for as little as £700 on occassion. Unfortunately this isnt the case. The boilers temselves, depending on the manufacturer and model can be purchased for around this figure but when you take into account the instalations costs you shoudl expect to pay a minimum of £1500 up to around £4000 in most cases. Our average costs for suply & fit boiler installations in Aylesbury here at Bucks Plumbing & Heating Ltd is £2000 but there are many variables

A number of practical factors effect the total cost of the installation including: size, radiator-replacement, the length of the flue needed to vent waste gases not tomention removing of old water tanks in your loft or airing cupboard for those who have a conventional boiler.  The amount of money you will save over time however will more than make up for the initial cost of getting a boiler installed & when you choose a local engineer instea of a corproate sich as British Gas the total cost for your new installation is comparably low.