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The Cost of a New Resin Driveway

resin driveway costs explainedThere are a number of factors which determine the total cost for a new resin driveway installation, we have detailed these factors below so you ca get a better idea of how much you will be looking to pay for a new driveway surfaced with resin at your property.

The size of the area you would like to surface – A bit of an obvious one but the larger the driveway the more resin & aggregate you willl need, and the larger the area the longer the installation.

The type of driveway surface you have already – this plays an important role in the total cost of installing a resin driveway at your property. If your driveway is currently surfaced with concrete or tarmac you can quite literally lay the resin ontop of it after preperation of the existing surface resulting in a quick job, with no groundworks, no excavations & no aggregates needed for the foundation but if your driveway surface is for instance pebbles, grass or flags this would be a costlier option since the original ground would have to be removed to make way for a brand new base installation.

The type of aggregates you want to bind into the resin – Theres a plethora of colours and finishes when surfacing driveways with resin and as such theres a vast range of different gravel and pebble aggregates to mix with the bonded resin to create the desired finish. Aggregates vary in price so your choice of aggregate will effect the price of your new driveway.

Why Choose Resin For You New Driveway Installation?

As specialist installers of resin patios & driveways in Sheffield, Absolute Resin & Paving are asked this question rather often

Permeable surface

Resin driveways are fully permeable to air and water. This makes a resin driveway or patio ideal when laid over a permeable binder base coat system and creates a Sustainable Urban Drainage system [SUDs] meaning that your new driveway can be surfaced without the need for planning permission.

Smooth finish & Hardwearing

Resin driveways and resin patios provide homeowners with a smooth, lasting finish with no loose stones so is a great option for al and any applications including disabled access, pushchairs, children, bikes, skateboards etc.

Design choice & flexibility

The design options with a resin driveway or resin patio are endless, single or multiple colours can be used to create borders, curves, patterns or even numbers and shapes, you can create something truly unique when you opt for resin which simply isnt the case with other driveway surfacing materials.

Low maintenance

Resin driveways minimise puddles, ice and mould and weed growth.  A hose and a brush, or an at home jet wash when dirt and grime builds up over time and your resin driveway is as good as new!

You can find more information here about the benefits of resin driveways. And if your based in the Sheffield or South Yorkshire area please give us a call for a free quotation.

Combi Boilers Explained

total guide on combi boiler installationsWhen a homeowner in the UK decides its time for a new boiler installation oftentimes the first thing which comes to mind is a combi. Combination boilers account for around 70% of the market when it comes to boiler purchases in the UK, but what exactly is a combi boiler and how do they work?

Combi boilers provide both heating and hot water directly from one boiler, which is where they got their name: ‘combination boiler’. When we speak about a combi boiler int he main were talking about Gas powered which means they run off natural gas. Electric & oil combi boilers do exist too but due to high fuel costs arent even nearly as popular.

The Main Attributes of a Combi Boiler

√ Compact Size making them ideal for citing in small spaces
√ No bulky hot water cylinder
√ On demand hot water
√ Only water you are using is heated
√ No storing of water
√ Radiators heated on demand
√ Very energy efficient with estimated  savings of around £340 per year
√ Significantly reduce heating bills compared with heat only boilers
√ Most popular boiler in the UK
√ Recommended by The Energy Savings Trust

Combi boiler prices, installation costs and extras

A quick Google search for something like “combi boiler prices” or combi boiler costs” has many homeowners thinking they can get a new , energy efficient combi boiler installed in their home for as little as £700 on occassion. Unfortunately this isnt the case. The boilers temselves, depending on the manufacturer and model can be purchased for around this figure but when you take into account the instalations costs you shoudl expect to pay a minimum of £1500 up to around £4000 in most cases. Our average costs for suply & fit boiler installations in Aylesbury here at Bucks Plumbing & Heating Ltd is £2000 but there are many variables

A number of practical factors effect the total cost of the installation including: size, radiator-replacement, the length of the flue needed to vent waste gases not tomention removing of old water tanks in your loft or airing cupboard for those who have a conventional boiler.  The amount of money you will save over time however will more than make up for the initial cost of getting a boiler installed & when you choose a local engineer instea of a corproate sich as British Gas the total cost for your new installation is comparably low.


Resin vs Tarmac Driveways

Are you considering upgrading your driveway? 2 of the most popular materials for driveway surfacing are tarmac and a relatively newcomer to the scene “resin” in our latest blog post we pit tarmac against resin to give our readers a little insight into these 2 multi purpose highly durable surfacing options for driveways in Cambridge and throughout the UK!

Tarmac is one of the most widely used materials out there and is used throughout the UK to surcase all kinds of locations, from roads and motorway to airports and remains a popular option for driveway re surfacing but although granted tarmac is highly durable in terms of a surfacing option, newer players to the market often offer more benefits and higher durability than this mainstay in the UK market.

resin vs tarmac head to headResin vs. Tarmac Driveways

Although tarmac remains possibly the perfect solution both in terms of cost and ease of installation for commercial surfaces such as motorways and airport runways, for residential driveway surfacing alternatives are often preferred primarily because homeowners investing in a new driveway arent only considering a new installation purely for practial reasons but also aesthetics so unless your favourite colour is black you’ll most likely be looking at other materials because tarmac simply can’t offer the same diversity of colour as materials such as resin, block paving and concrete, but when compared with the latter 2 alternatives a tarmac driveway will last longer and requires less maintenance.

resin optionsResin Offers A Multi-Purpose Solution To Homeowners

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom.

The issues with tarmac arent issues at all when you consider resin bound surfacing for your driveway. Resin is a truly multi purpose material available in a wide range of colours and designs and is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Had enough of flooding and pools of water on your driveway?

Resin is fully SUD’s compliant, water drains from a resin driveway effectively all year round, no matter how harsh the weather conditions.

Looking for a durable hard wearing surface which will stand the test of time?

Unlike other materials: blog paving, flagging, pattern imprinted concrete amongst others resin is a highly durable material and the hard-wearing nature of resin is due, in part to the fact that is it often laid directly on top of an existing concrete or tarmac surface, allowing it to enjoy the benefits of strength and durability whilst still looking great and likewise saving many a homeowner the expense of having to rip up their existing driveway before laying the new one!

In summary, whilst resin can be comparable to tarmac in some ways there’s a reason this relatively new material to the UK market is making so many waves, just like tarmac, resin is extremely low maintenance, highly durable and a very cost effective option for driveway and indeed patio surfacing, but unlike tarmac the design and colour choices are almost endless, you can really have some fun with the design!

Take a look at the video below which outlines the key benefits of resin surfacing:

How Much Does an Electrical Rewire Cost

Our second blog post comes from our second client to the business directory which will be up and running soon, long established NICEIC electrical contractor in Stockport ( Manchester), IO Power who specialise in full and partial electrical rewires in domestic properties.

To begin with it is important you hire a qualified electrician to undertake an electrical inspection of the property and provide a full report and the current condition of the electrical installation.

In terms of the overall cost to fully rewire a property in Manchester there are many variables, the 2 key things to consider are the size of the property and the current condition of its wiring, if the wiring is in a bad state of repair and is particually old then much prep work will be needed in order to update the wiring in the property. Below you’ll find a guideline for the costs assictaed with different types and sizes of property.


Rewire Cost For a 2  bedroom terraced

For a typical 2 bedroom terraced property the average cost for a full rewire would come in at circa £2000, made up ofr around 4-9 days labour and materials, materials to complete the work would include

  • Updating the old wiring to also include a new consumer unit and electric metre
  • Updating the sockets, outlets and switches
  • Test and inspection of new circuits
  • Electrical installation certificate on completion

In addition to the above cost for the actual rewire you would need to budget for remedial repair works including plastering and redecoration, most electricians who offer rewires will be able to coordinate with decorators and plasterers on your behalf who will have plenty of experience remodeling homes during and after a rewire, or you can arrange your own contractors.

3-bedroom semi detached house

The average cost to rewire a 3 bedroom semi detached property is circa £3000,  although this can vary dpeending on whereabouts you live in the UK, in Bradford the average cost is around £3000. Again, in terms of what’s involved with the job everything listed above with the homeowner also needing to bidget for re plastering, decoration and any remodeling.

4-bedroom detached house

The bigger the property the longer it takes, and the more materials are required for the work. It takes between 12 and 15 days to complete a full electrical rewire on a 4 bedroom detached property  with the average price coming in at around £4,500, this would include up to 10 rooms and as with any rewire the replacement of all fixtures and fittings, consumer unit, electricity metre etc.

Your Guide To UPVC Fascias & Soffits

upvc fascias and soffitsOur first ever blog post comes fromour very first client for the directory! Severnside Roofing & Building Specialists are a long established family run roofing company in Shrewsbury covering Telford & surrounding areas, the services Alex and his team offer a range of roofing services to homeowners and agents throughout the Midlands and whilst the replacement of UPVC fascias and soffits is one of the smaller jobs they carry out updating and replacing your fascias has many benefits, as outlined in the blog post from Alex below:


uPVC fascias benefits

Aside from keeping out birds and other types of vermin fascia boards act as a support to the bottom edge of your roof tiles and slates whilst also protecting the ends and concealing the ends of your roof rafter. Your fascias also act to prevent damage through weatherand are available in lots of different styles and colours, given that fascias are more visible than soffits the visual look of the fascias is an important thing to consider when replacing.

Older fascias are often made from wood which rots over time and results in the fascias not doing the job they are in place to do, on top of the lack of protection offered by old wooden fascias which have started to rot they also become a bit of an eyesore but rotten woodn timbers shouldnt be simply covered up with new UPVC fascias, simply covering the old boards does nothing more than mask the problem and in 9 of 10 instances leads to additional damage down the line, yes covering the old rotten boards is the cheaper option when compared with ripping them off before replacing but the rotting wood will continue to rot and deterioirate making the situation worse and more expensive down the line when you need to remove the new fascias just to get to the old ones.


The key benefits of uPVC fascias include:

  • almost completely maintenance free
  • Improves the appearance of your property
  • Durable – guaranteed to stand the test of time
  • Available in a range of colours and designs
  • Decorative fascia boards are also widely available

uPVC soffits benefits

Soffts keep the underneath of your roof rafters secure and dry, just like fascias, soffits are traditionally made out of wood and just like fascias, wood rots over time. Rotten soffits can lead to water penetration into the rafter ends which can lead to serious and costly damage to your roof, The industry leading soffit boards available –Eurocell’s ventilated uPVC soffit boards come with a multitude of benefits – but the best component is that they help to prevent the build up of moisture in your roof space which protects against rot in timber joints and eaves.


The main benefits of uPVC soffits are:

  • UPVC soffits come in a range of colours including realistic wood grain finishes
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Available in traditional plain or tongue and groove
  • Hard wearing and capable of withstanding most weather conditions
  • Guaranteed long life span

DIY Home Decor

Now just keep adding, bunching, and getting them close together until you get the full look you want, just be sure to leave enough room at the ends to get a tight fit when closing up the wire. I would hold the ends together to see how many more I could add as I got closer to the end. Pictured above. Also note that they will move around and look like they are all messed up every time you lay the wreath down, you can fix this later.

When you get the look and fullness you want, hook the ends of the wire together securely. Everyone does this a little different, so I will leave that option up to you. Add bow or ribbon at the top and check out your masterpiece!

I love this new look and it’s something a little different than having an evergreen wreath on the door every year. Looking at the above picture, I can see where I forget to bunch spot together before taking the picture, but you get the idea and the look. Have fun, experiment with colors and sizes, etc. to make your own ornament wreath!

*Note – I have fixed the spot where I forgot to bunch them. Lol

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!